Producer, Director & Cinematographer
Moritz Rechenberg

Post Production Supervisor
Lisa Schoenberg

Sound Mixer
Craig Smith

Buenos Dias is a 27-minute documentary, a film portrait of a part of Korea Town in Los Angeles, where it seems the glamour of the Hollywood film industry couldn’t be further away. It’s a film about a neighborhood and its people, their work and their workspace and the autonomous microcosm they create.

Inspired by still photography Buenos Dias is an observational piece featuring long, static shots and the use of filmed portraits of the owners, the employees, the customers of the businesses and some of the residents of the neighborhood.


The portraits structure the film, they give a “voice” to the people and a face to the manual labor that is shown.

The film is shot on Super 16mm color negative film with a Bolex camera, while sound was recorded separately with the intention to create an independent, more appropriate counterpart to support the images, a more expressive sound scape to better translate the lively street and work life.