TICKED (2009)

Producer & Director

Moritz Rechenberg

Executive Producer

Monique Moncayo

Director of Photography

Goran Neric

Loren White

Nathan Meier

*Angel is caught between life in the gang and his taboo friendship with Jamie.

Ticked is a narrative short film inspired by articles from the Los Angeles Times that deal with racially motivated killings on the streets of Los Angeles.

The idea was to make a film about street life in Los Angeles without glamorizing it and to work closely with a community that is suffering from violence to provide kids an opportunity to be inspired and gain hands-on experience in movie making.

The Hazard Park Project was born when Moritz Rechenberg met Monique Moncayo, a teen club supervisor and activist who introduced the idea to her class and after months of respect and trust-building, we made the short film called Ticked.


Jose ‘Kokee’ Morales

Titus Makin

Natasha Moncayo

Vincent Macias

Associate Producer

George ʻPayasoʼ Sarabia

Lou Calanche




Danny Ortiz

Edgar Ceja

Maito Quezada

Ronnie Gutilban

Jose ʻFishyʼ Hernandez

and Louie Gonzalez


Louie Gonzales