Reflektiv, LLC is a Los Angeles, CA based independent film production label founded in November 2009. The purpose of Reflektiv is to produce quality, feature narrative films, documentaries and web content. It is our mission to efficiently produce state-of-the-art films of different genres, revolving primarily around contemporary socio-political issues.


Reflektiv strives to produce work that is innovative in style, technique and storytelling, always sounding out their boundaries. While maintaining artistic integrity and a sense of experimentation, it is our goal to bring underrepresented, current issues into the public arena and simultaneously produce a compelling and captivating product.



Thanks to the Internet it is possible for us to maintain a direct relationship with our audience. At Reflektiv we are passionate about communicating, interacting and being accessible to our fans, friends and supporters because that’s what this is all about - Connection.


This not only presents a variety of new ways to develop, produce and most of all exhibit material with the help of an engaging audience. Considering today’s motion picture marketplace and Reflektiv’s positioning as a niche media producer, innovative, alternative hybrid-distribution strategies, which are tailored to each individual product and market, have to be implemented. Reflektiv is committed to exploring and utilizing promising new techniques and technologies in that sector.


We want the best exposure for our films and the best returns for our investors so we can keep making films about issues and topics we care about.